End of Season Wrap-Up and Thank You!

Dear Tidal Wave families,

I wanted to thank you for the lovely thank-you gifts and the custom team tent is such a nice surprise, the coaches and I are looking forward to seeing it!

Relive a wonderful summer by scrolling through some amazing pictures from Rob and Sam (see email for link). You can also rewatch the slide show from the awards ceremony this year on YouTube at https://youtu.be/MROH8sZyGAk. The video is “unlisted,” which means folks can only locate it if they have this link. Thank you Christy for starting this treasured archive and for Rob and Sam for continuing to add to it!

This season would not have been possible without so many hardworking volunteers. Special thanks go to:

🌟 Chris Upham for shouldering the task of making sure our team had cold drinks and plenty of snacks with our A and B meet concessions.

🌟 Julie Upham, the pool marketing wizard, who scheduled all of the delicious food trucks, organized the sponsorships for the team t-shirts and distributed them. Having distributed t-shirts before, I can confirm this is not a quick & easy task!

🌟 Jen James, our webpage manager, who kept our swim team pages current and interesting, and saving everyone from having to search through saved emails to find information!

🌟 Lemore Fritz, who didn’t know she was destined to be our data coordinator this summer, but excelled once she took on the role.

Additional thanks go to:

Jeff Fiore, Shirleen Wilson and Gary for covering the referee position for all home meets and sometimes away meets too!

Stacy, who was our primary Starter but had both ends of this job covered, when not the starter, she was making sure everyone was quiet for the start as marshal. Thank you, Jodi and Diane for becoming trained as Starters, to share the load this year and next.

Stroke & Turn Judges: thank you to everyone who drove to a random pool to sit for 2 hours and learn how to crush dreams. Thank you to our returning S&T judges for stepping up and agreeing to re-certify for a challenging job.

Thank you Andy (Diane and Tricia too) for running the timer show so efficiently, thank you also to all who volunteered to stand there getting splashed and focusing on their lane when their kid was swimming in some other lane.

Even more shout of thanks go to:

The Table team, looking over during a meet and seeing some combination of the Leahs, Thomas, Mary, Mara, Michelle, and others staffing the table was to know things were running smoothly.

Concession team: thanks Rachel, Jodi, Theresa, Anne, Jeremy, and everyone else who stood behind a table up in the corner selling us colossal doughnuts, gatorade, and more!

Amy, Jo’Ann, Jocelyn, Kate, Lynn, and others for volunteering to wrangle kids in the Clerk of Course and getting those wiggly kids into the right lanes.

Abram, April, and Nate for the excellent playlists and for making us laugh while moving the meet along and always selling it as our meet announcers!

Diane and Tania for continuing the fabulous tradition of cup wall art, making us insta-famous.

Behind the scenes appreciation:

Kristin Ellis for being the team treasurer

Niki Wanner for helping me manage email communications and the volunteer sign-ups

Anne Govert for producing the end of year best times certificates. These are created up to the minute before the Awards celebration to get the most accurate times.

Lastly: thank you coaches and junior coaches for making swim team fun!

If you missed picking up your ribbons this season or your best times certificate, they are in the plastic boxes in the top drawer of the bathhouse filing cabinet. Stop by anytime before Labor Day.

Enjoy your August, I know I will!

Caitlin Irvin, Team Rep