Thank you for your interest in reserving space for a party at the Virginia Hills Pool!

All members of the Virginia Hills Pool are allowed to make reservations for the use of our two designated party areas any time the pool is open for member use, Memorial Day – Labor Day. There is no cost associated with reserving space for a party at the pool. However, all guests over the age of three will require a guest pass regardless whether or not they plan to swim.

Available dates and times:

  • Weekdays prior to the end of June 16: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Weekdays after June 18 end of FCPS Schools: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  • Saturdays and Sundays, 11:00 am – 8:00pm.
  • Please note, reservations cannot be made during pool-scheduled Social Events, or during home swim meets (on Monday nights and Saturday mornings). To see the pool’s summer calendar, visit
  • If you select a date that has a conflict, we will contact you to re-schedule. The Pool’s Social Committee Chair reserves final rights over all reservation dates and times..
  • Please Note: The time reserved includes your set-up and clean-up time. Plan accordingly.

Spaces available to reserve: 

  • The Snack Bar Area includes the area under the white tent beside the snack bar (there are tables and chairs available in that area). Please note: for parties using the Snack Bar Area, while you are welcome to sit under the large green canopy to eat, we cannot close that area off to other members. If your party chooses to eat in the canopy, it should be treated as a shared space and you should not occupy all of the tables.
  • The Behind Pool area includes the grass lawn at the back of the property with the wooden tables. You are allowed to set up a lawn canopy in the grassy area or over the tables to provide shade for your party.

Use of the space:

  • Parties can be scheduled for up to three hours. Hosts are welcome to stay longer and swim, but will no longer be able to use the reserved area. This is to allow for more members to host parties.
  • Parties are limited to 20 non-member guests. Members of the Virginia Hills Pool do not count toward your guest total.
  • Party guests must follow all pool rules. Click here for the rules.
  • The pool does not provide any supplies for party setup. You are responsible for bringing your own trash bags, post-party cleanup, and removing the trash at the end of the party (trash bags can be put in the dumpster in the pool parking lot).  NO glitter, confetti, or glass of any kind is allowed.
  • Any guests wishing to use the deep end of the pool (including the diving well or slide) must pass the Guard’s swim test, which includes demonstrating the ability to tread water for 60 seconds and swimming one length of the pool without stopping or assistance. If requested, the Guards will offer one swim test per party for all guests who wish to use the deep end.

Notes regarding guests and guest passes:

  • Guest names should be directly entered into the Member Splash system, and should be finalized a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event in order to ensure adequate lifeguard coverage. (If booking a reservation for more than one hour, you only need to enter the guest names in the first hour of your reservation block.)
  • Guest passes purchased at the Guard Shack will cost $5 per guest. If you wish to purchase guest passes at the discounted rate ($40 for 10 passes), please purchase the guest passes prior to your event. The passes used for your party will be redeemed as guests check in. Any remaining guest passes on your account will remain on your account for future use.
  • To purchase guest passes ahead of time at the discounted rate, login to Member Splash, choose the “Payments” tab, and select “Make a Payment.” On the payment screen, you can choose to add Guest Pass Booklet. If paying by credit card, your guest passes will update immediately; if paying by check, your guest passes will not be updated until your check has been deposited by the Pool Treasurer.
  • If you run out of guest passes during your event, you can purchase more at the Guard Shack using check, cask or venmo. Otherwise, the Guards will bill your Member Splash account, and you will receive an email invoice for unpaid guests.
  • Please remind your guests to check in at the Guard Shack when they arrive by indicating they are a guest of your party.

How to make a party reservation (the reservation system is easier to use on a computer than mobile device):

  • 1. Sign in to your Member Splash Account
  • 2. Navigate to the “Reservations” Tab. (If using a mobile device, the “Reservations” tab can be found in the submenu in the light blue bar.)
  • 3. Choose “Make Reservations”
  • 4. Use the arrows to change dates, or click on the date in between the arrows to get a pop up calendar. Select the date you want to reserve.
  • 5. Choose an available slot and fill in the information requested. Reservations are made in 1-hour intervals, and can not exceed 3 hours in total. You will need to reserve each hour individually.
  • 6. You will need to enter the guest list as part of your reservation, but you only need to enter the names in the first hour of the reservation (do not re-enter the guest names for the second or third hour of your reservation). If you don’t have the guest names available at the time of your reservation, you can add them at a later date by returning to the “My Reservations” section of your Member Splash Account.
  • 7. When making your reservation, be sure to assign an email address for reservation updates. You only need to select an email address on the first hour of your reservation block. You will receive an email confirming your reservation, and you will be instructed to complete a hosting agreement. The hosting agreement affirms that you have read the rules for having your party at Virginia Hills. If you do not complete a hosting agreement, your party reservation may be cancelled.
Please email if you have any questions regarding party reservations.