NCAP Scholarship and Winter Swim

NCAP Scholarship

NCAP Alexandria /J&M Swim is offering the Va Hills Tidal Wave team, 1 one year scholarship of $1,000 towards the cost of 2023-24 swim registration. To apply for this scholarship, you have to be a new registrant to NCAP or have not been a registrant for the past 3 years. This scholarship applies to their USA swimming and fitness programs, not their Learn to Compete or Stroke School programs.
Click here for more information and to apply: . The deadline is Friday, July 21

To learn more about NCAP Alexandria in general: Nation’s Capital Swim Club Home (

Winter Swim

We will also put a plug in for the VA Hills Winter swim program for those of you looking for an option to keep swimming and NCAP doesn’t fit with your family’s plans. The VA Hills program is Sunday nights, typically from 6-7 PM at Franconia Rec Center. The first session runs from mid-September to early Dec (about 10 Sundays in total) and the second session is February through early May (also about 10 sessions). The targeted groups for this program are 6-8 years old and 9-12 years old. A strong focus for the Sunday sessions is building endurance and learning strokes other than freestyle for the 6-8 year olds and learning/improving flip turns, breaststroke, and butterfly for the 9-12 year olds. We will have 36 spots and the registration info will come out in mid-August once I have the lane rental information from the rec center.