Volunteer at Virginia Hills Pool

Pick Me, Pick Me!
We Need You!

As member share holders, each of you owns a piece of the Virginia Hills Pool.  Let's show our pride in ownership by becoming a volunteer. Virginia Hills Pool requires an enormous amount of volunteer support to not only deliver its members a fun and enjoyable summer year after year, but to also help provide sustainability for its future.  

The only paid positions at the pool are life guard, swim team coach, and a few teens that work the snackbar on weekends.    The President of the club, the facilities and operations managers, the snack bar managers, the webmaster, the club treasurer, the swim team rep, the events coordinator, and everyone in between is a volunteer.   And you can be too!  We need a ton of volunteer support (and fresh ideas) to keep afloat! ​​

Contact Info:  Volunteer Coordinator (Melissa Hendrix)   volunteer@vahillspool.org