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The Tidal Wave host time trials for the upcoming swim season.

The pool will open for general swim at 12:00 noon after the swim event ends.




Check back for the volunteer sign-up!


Who: We would like every family with a swimmer in this meet to volunteer as a parent.

What: Positions, descriptions, and shifts are listed on the signup or on the Parent Resources page.

Where: Our Pool. Check in area for volunteers will be at the picnic tables in the lower right hand corner of the deck. Check in there with Caitlin or the Volunteer Coordinator

When: The order of events for this meet is Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly.

Why: It is the only way this meet is going to happen.

THANK YOU in advance for your time and commitment to our team.


The coaches tried to note the strokes for new swimmers and some returning swimmers who have moved up to a new age group. The list is here, if you have a question send Caitlin an email and she’ll try to figure it out. As a reminder for time trials and meets, your swimmer swims with their age group, not their practice group. If your 9-10 is currently practicing with the 8U group and is not ready to swim a 50 meter race yet, they can skip time trials.

8U swimmers:
all races are 25 meters
New swimmers are marked yes if they are ok to swim on Saturday. If you are not marked at all but you were on the team last year and only swimming free and back in meets by the end of last summer, you are still only swimming free and back this Saturday.  If swimmers swam breast or fly last year as an 8U but is not marked on the list they can swim it at time trials.

9-10 swimmers:
free, back, and breaststroke are 50 meters, fly is still a 25 meter race
All 9-10 swimmers should plan to swim free and back (if your swimmer feels unready for a 50 M backstroke, they don’t need to try it this time). If swimmers swam breaststroke or fly last year as an 8U or 9 yr old but are not marked on the list they can swim it at time trials.

11 and up swimmers:
all races are 50 meters
Plan to swim all 4 strokes: unless you know the coaches told you differently.



Swimmers need: their suit, and goggles: 2 towels, a water bottle, a snack, kids should not be buying concessions food until they are done swimming.

Optional – camp chair for the team area.