Virginia Hills Club Board of Directors

This is your pool without a volunteer board of directors.

This is your pool with a volunteer board of directors.

Any Questions ?

Virginia Hills Pool is operated by a volunteer board of directors.  We could not thrive (or even exist) without the dedication of our current board members and all those that preceeded them.  

Thank You VHP Board!​​

Our current board is still in need of volunteers.  Space for 5 more members are available on the 2019 VHP Board. The board cannot efficiently run without more volunteers.  If you love the pool, please volunteer - WE NEED YOU!

Please contact [email protected] with any board member questions or to volunteer.  

Pool Board​​

President:    Eliza Jacobs
Vice-President:    Andy King
Secretary:    Diane Lentini

Asst. Secretary:  Aaron Kahn
Treasurer:    Dave Teal
Asst. Treasurer:    Rocky Entwistle
Member-at-large:   Pam Mahony
Member-at-large:   Dawn Biggins
Member-at-large:   Lisa Staresina
Member-at-large:   ​Lisa McNichols

Ex Officio/Swim Team:  Caitlin Irvin &                                                Anne Govert


Operations Chair:    Pam Mahony
Facilities Chair:    Andy King
Finance Chair:   Dave Teal
Membership Chair:    Eliza Jacobs
Marketing Chair:    Diane Lentini
Social Chair:   Dawn Biggins

Volunteer Chair: Dawn Biggins