Virginia Hills Pool Party
Hosting Agreement

Must be completed prior to the date of your party.

*All parties must take place during normal pool operating hours.

*All parties must end no later than scheduled pool closing time.

*Pool functions (swim meets, as well as pool social events) have priority over parties.

*A “first-come-first serve policy” will be observed in the instance of any high demand reservation times. Out of fairness to all members, a party reservation that will not be used should be canceled as soon as possible.

*Parties are scheduled for up to three hours. Hosts/ guests are welcome to stay longer and swim but will no longer be able to use the reserved area. This is to allow for more members to host parties.

*There is a limit of 20 non-member guests per party.

*In the event of inclement weather, the social committee chair (Lemore Fritz) will work with the member to find a suitable alternative date.

*Party guests are expected to comply with the rules of the Virginia Hills Swim Club, and the manager on duty may halt a party and/or eject individual participants at his or her discretion if the guests’ behavior is not compatible with the rules of the club. This includes the bathroom areas.

*Tables will be reserved exclusively for your party during the designated time in the white-tented area by the snack bar or in the back grassy field. The upper deck seating under the green canopy will remain open to all pool members. If you wish to use some of the tables under the green canopy, please feel free to do so but remember this will be a shared space.

*You will have access to, though not exclusive use of, the grill. If you use the grill, please bring your own cooking utensils and clean the grill thoroughly.

*You may bring coolers for your food and beverage items. If the snack bar is open, and there is room, you may use the refrigerator. However all items must be removed at the end of your party or when the snack bar closes, whichever is first.

*Food/drinks/eating must remain inside the designated eating areas (not on the pool deck).

*No alcohol is permitted.

*Decorations may be used in designated party areas only and the host is responsible for taking down all decorations at the close of the party.

*No live music will be permitted during the party.

*The host is responsible for ensuring that the area is thoroughly cleaned and all decorations are removed. The pool grounds are to be left in the same condition after the party as they were before the party. Lifeguards will empty trash cans but if there is large trash that will not fit in the trash bins, the host should bring the overflow directly to the dumpster at the close of the party.

*Members must be present and pay the guest fee of $5.00 for each guest entering the pool except children three years old and under. Any guest who enters the pool and stays for the party, regardless of whether or not they get in either of the pools, must pay the $5.00 fee.

*The party guest list must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours before the party to ensure adequate lifeguard coverage.


I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above rules for hosting a pool party at Virginia Hills Swim Club. Please sign your name and email below.