T-Shirts and Other Good News

Finishing your tie-dye t-shirt:

We did steps 1-3 together.

4. Set:  Put the fabric in a plastic bag and leave it in a warm place for 6–24 hours, or even overnight. The dye needs time to “prove” and bond with the fabric.

5. Rinse and wash (do this in a wash tub or only have the tie dye shirt in the washing machine)  Remove the fabric from the bag and rinse out the dye, but keep the rubber bands on. To help the colors stay fast, you can soak the fabric in a solution of equal parts cold water and white vinegar for 30 minutes after the initial rinse. After the first few washes, wash the tie-dye in cold water to prevent the dye from fading.

6. Remove rubber bands: Once the fabric is dry, you can remove the rubber bands to reveal your design.

VIP Parking is available for 2024 home meets!

As a fundraiser for the team, we are raffling TWO VIP parking spots at each home meet. At the meet tonight you’ll be able to buy your raffle tickets for this Saturday’s home A meet and next week’s home B meet.

Summer 2024 team shirts are HERE!

We have ordered shirts for each of our Tidal Wave swimmers and they will be available for pick up starting tonight.  A special thank you to our amazing team sponsors: SpecialTeeQuilting.com and Chris Upham Realtor who have helped to defray most of the cost of the shirts. To cover the rest of the cost, will be asking for a suggested donation of $5/swimmer for each shirt. Everything we receive above and beyond will go towards team equipment (like new backstroke flags or a second yellow team tent!). Thank you Julie Upham for managing the team t-shirt logistics!

We’re all part of the Tidal Wave swim family

Families can show their team spirit too! We have created special Tidal Wave family shirts this year. Get yours today for only $20 (adult sizes only) by ordering here. All proceeds from the shirt sales will benefit the team. Orders MUST be received by June 27th. They will be delivered by the last week of practices in July and will be available then as well as during the End of Season banquet.

Good News:

Thank you Jay Crook for purchasing a new pole for our backstroke flags. We were short of a functioning pole going into the season and he got us one that fits perfectly and set it up with the proper eye bolt for attaching the flags.

Flags – we have new backstroke flags – Thank you Jen James for the research/shopping and Erin Jacobs for personalizing the flags. They look aMAZing!

We have a swim team shed (purchased by the pool on our behalf) that will be built in the next few weeks – Thank you Thomas James and Corey Collins for making this project a reality!