Message from the Data and Table Team

Message from the Data and Table Team: In addition to the meet results shared following every meet, you can keep track of your swimmers using the Meet Mobile app. We are currently using Meet Mobile for all home A meets, and we are working on setting up for B meets. When searching in Meet Mobile, enter NVSL in the search bar and then scroll until you find the correct meet. Scores are published once the verification is completed for each of the strokes and relays. Ex: NVSL  A Meet PC@VH is the name of today’s meet. 

Also, on Monday mornings, Lemore will sit at the data tables (baby pool area) to register which two strokes each swimmer will be swimming in the Monday evening B meet. Swimmers should decide which 2 strokes they will swim by the end of their Monday practice and let Lemore know before they leave the pool. If swimmers miss Monday AM practice, the swimmer or parent is requested to email by noon with the swimmer’s name and two events. This will make it easier on the clerk of course, and cut down on the printing of wasted time cards. It should also cut down on how long the B meets take. However swimmers need to follow Coach Katie’s rules for a B meet:

  • If your swimmer only if legal in one or two strokes, that is what your swimmer will swim at the next B Meet, regardless of whether or not they participated in the A Meet.
  • If your swimmer is legal in 3 or 4 strokes and did not participate in the June 15 A Meet, pick 2 strokes to swim at the B Meet.
  • If your swimmer is legal in 3 or 4 strokes and only swam 1 stroke in the June 15 A Meet, pick 2 different strokes to swim at the B Meet.
  • If your swimmer is legal in 4 strokes and swam two strokes at the A Meet, then your swimmer swims the other two strokes at the B Meet.
  • If your swimmer is legal in 3 strokes and swam two strokes at the A Meet, then your swimmer can pick one of the A Meet strokes and the stroke not swum.

 Thanks so much! Lemore, Thomas & Leah B.