Photography, Safe Sport, and Modesty

Photography – NVSL is firm on this request: no photographs or videos may be taken from behind the starting line of swimmers. I am flagging this because many of our parents are tempted to take a photo from just behind the timers, please do not do this.  Even if you are taking a post race picture in that area you could inadvertently include the next line of starting swimmers. Move off to the side for photos.
We have several designated team photographers (Sam Jacobs and Rob Lentini) who will share their best stuff on the team dropbox. Haven’t seen our archives yet? You can find the link on the password protected parent portal.
Safe Sport – There is a free version of the Safe Sport training available to any parent or swimmer –
Modesty Accommodations for an A Meet – If your swimmer wishes to wear a modesty suit and is participating in an A Meet, I need to request an exemption prior to the meet. From what I understand the exemption is almost always granted, but rather than an on deck discussion, NVSL would prefer for the request to be sent in advance.