Important Dates to Know for 2024

It’s almost time and we need volunteers of all sorts to make the season happen. Unsure what the options are? Check out our parent resource page for more information. Some of the volunteer options require training and the trainings begin this weekend and run through early June. We really could use another referee to build up our reserves and there is a training on June 1 at the Fairfax Government Center for new referees. The full schedule of training dates and locations is attached.

Team Suit Try-ons: Sunday May 19 approximately 2-4 at VA Hills Pool – upper snack bar deck
Team suits are not required but they are nice to have. If you already know what size you need you can go to the site:
pw is GoTidalWave, girls suits are on page 2 and boys on page 3. Right now we don’t see the girl’s thin strap version of the suit on the site and we are waiting to hear back from the vendor.

Caitlin, our team rep, will be there as well, if you have questions about the team and want to talk face to face, drop by.

Swim Team Assessment: Sunday May 19 from 6 to 7 PM at Franconia Rec Center Pool
Is your swimmer new to the team? We are offering a drop-in assessment and “meet the coaches” at the pool at Franconia Rec Center. This is not a requirement, just a helpful option. Please note: 4 year olds are automatically rookies and don’t need the assessment, but if they would like to come to meet the coaches, please do stop by. If you can’t make it, we’ll just squeeze in a quick assessment during afternoon practice.

New Parents Meeting: Friday May 31 from 5:15-6:15pm @ the Pool back field picnic tables
Caitlin will cover expectations for the team for the parent and for the swimmer, then she is happy to answer questions.

Absentee Signup: Please add your swimmer(s) to the sign-up for each date they are NOT available to swim in a meet. Our coaches rely on this information when building the meet sheets, this is helpful for the B meets and essential for A meets.