End of Year Awards

Meredith Mergler Spirit Award:

This award is named for a spirited long-time Virginia Hills swimmer. Meredith was liked and admired by parents and swimmers alike. Meredith had the ability to find the good and the funny in even the most difficult situations. This award is voted on by all the team swimmers in a secret ballot. Swimmers should vote for the older teen who they think is active in cheering, encourages other members of the swim team, and is an upbeat, supportive, and spirited team leader.

Vote for the Meredith Mergler Spirit Award:  https://forms.gle/Pjodc4a1Jz5uKLKSA.

 Any swimmer on the team can vote once for Most Spirited and the voting closes on Friday, July 21

Division 5 Sportsmanship Award:

Each division offers a sportsmanship award.  This vote is for swimmers 13 and older to vote for the team that you think had the best sportsmanship. You cannot vote for your own team – sorry.  They are listed in the order of our A meets, if that helps you remember the teams.

Vote here: https://forms.gle/G3MWSiEJg1PyoVJTA

You have until Wednesday, July 18 @ 5 PM to vote.