This is your pool.

This is your pool without a volunteer board of directors.

This is your pool with a volunteer board of directors.

Pool Board

President:    Norman Speicher
Vice-President:    Pam Mahony
Secretary:    Regina Mohr
Treasurer:    Jimmy Hendrix
Asst. Sec-Treasurer:    Norman Speicher
Member-at-large:    Jeff Govert
Member-at-large:    Eliza Jacobs
Member-at-large:    Diane Lentini
Member-at-large:    Andy King

Member-at-large:    Brent Martin   
Ex Officio/Swim Team: Anne Govert


Operations Chair:    Pam Mahony
Facilities Chair:    Jeff Govert
Finance Chair:    Jimmy Hendrix
Membership Chair:    Eliza Jacobs
Marketing Chair:    Diane Lentini
Social Chair:   Regina Mohr

Volunteer Chair:    Melissa Hendrix
Swim Team Rep:    Anne Govert

Any Questions ?

Virginia Hills Pool is operated by a volunteer board of directors.  We could not thrive (or even exist) without the tireless dedication of our current board members and all those that preceeded them.  

Thank You VHP Board!

Please contact with any board member questions or to volunteer.  Space for 5 (five) more members is available on the 2017 VHP Board!